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We participated in developing the first solar energy cooperation in one of Rio de Janeiro’s communities, as part of a volunteer group who would join forces and expertise with local leadership in order to change the status quo and innovate in less likely place from a economic-return perspective.

The idea was to generate our own electricity through small roof top solar installations on schools, local entrepreneurs’ business and residents. Due to supportive legislation, in Brazil one is able to share surplus energy within the same network distribution area up to 5 MW, thus selling your electricity with your neighbors. This gave rise to think beyond your own roof top and the ambition to regain independence from the still monopolized Brazilian energy retail market. Specially in the Rio this is an important topic, as around 40% of the energy put into the network is not paid for, due to the existence of double systems at home to provide oneself with affordable access to this basic need; the commodity of electricity.

Furthermore, being proactive in generating our own energy, we wanted to gain back control through creating jobs within the community in terms of local market research and development, technical feasibility studies, solar panel installations, and small maintenance. This meant we were able to construct the solar system not only cheaper than the carioca market price, but also create jobs, which in turn could pay for electricity that we still had to buy from the dominant distributor, or to provide for anything else, for that matter.

This type of initiatives helps break through the downward spiral; e.g. having few resources, getting electricity from the system without paying for it, being dependent on a monopoly, feeling patronized and excluded from basic needs, towards developing a great idea together, learning new skills, installing solar systems and earning a living, generating your own electricity, gaining independence through the sun, and obviously, developing self-esteem, community dignity and social cohesion.

First kombi bought in São Paulo - giving new value to antique cars

We have converted an antique Volkswagen Transporter into an electric vehicle powered by solar energy including a tiny office to share a 100% electric, circular economic and sustainable experience. Live our dream together which started out a few years ago in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil…

The KombiSOL is an antique Volkswagen Transporter converted into a mobile meeting space to share a 100% electric, circular economic and sustainable experience, create awareness and access, and bring positive impact locally.

The kombiSOL is an antique VW T1 van, converted into an electric vehicle and powered by solar panels.

Its tiny office is build to showcase different concepts of the circular economy, and allows you to have personal conversations or work online, anywhere, any time.

It is a place to share knowledge, connect communities and create learning experiences about solar energy, efficient energy use, the circular economy, social impact and sustainability.

The kombiSOL can be your work space, school, temporary home, stakeholder engagement place, workshop office, off-line marketing strategy, social-impact branding or road show.

WE LOVE NERDS! Hier is de tech-sheet van de eerste KombiSOL

Originally built: 1973
Converted: 2018

Kilometers driven – 1.000
Range – 150km
Top speed – 100km/h

31,8 kWh accu’s in de vorm van 6 Tesla modules (24V 5,3 kWh per stuk). Deze staan in serie om 144VDC te leveren aan de motorcontroller (Curtis)

Battery Management Systeem (EMUS) welke zorgt voor de beveiliging van het HV-accupakket en het actief balanceren tijdens het laden

Elektromotor 30kW 110Nm
Acculader 1 fase 3,3 kW

5 zonnepanelen, totaal 500W

12V lithium-ion accu 1,2kWh waarmee het HV-pakket geladen wordt. Hiervoor wordt een omvormer van 600W gebruikt welke 230VAC aan de lader aanbiedt. Dit wordt geregeld via een tweede BMS Omvormer 6kW ten behoeve van de 230VAC in de tiny office

Hennep isolatie
De kombi is geïsoleerd met hennep materiaal, wat CO2 negatief is en lokaal wordt geproduceerd in Groningen.
De kombiSOL is voorzien van, jawel, zonne-panelen! In totaal liggen er vijf op, in serie geschakeld, met 500 Wp in capaciteit. Als we een hele dag in t licht staan kunnen we daar een paar kilometer mee rijden.
Deze benzinemotor zit er gelukkig niet meer in en is vervangen door een elektromotor.
Elektrische aandrijving
Omdat we enkel op de direct zonne-energie niet ver komen, laden we bij middels een 3kv 1-phase lader, en binnenkort een 3-phase lader zodat de kombi in 3 uur weer 100 km de weg op kan!
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